Community and Social Programs are constantly being added to our counties.  Check back on a regular basis to see new Community and Social Programs in your county.

Some events have a small fee to participate. Typically this fee is the entrance fee or dinner cost.  Every event/program is hosted by PALS and has at least 2 PALS facilitators present.


ASPIRE* (ages 18+) Asperger’s Syndrome Pursuing Interests, Recreation, and Entertainment
is a fun way to make friends and connect with others who may have similar interests! Most events are in held the community. ASPIRE has it’s own calendar of events at www.aspirepal.wordpress.com

Teens/Adults Requiring Support in the Community (TAARSC) is for adults and or teens with autism, who are registered with UCF CARD, and require additional support in the community.  This program allows a caregiver/guardian, to participate to attend the activities with them (supports are there for support only and do not participate in activity if one. ie.bowling,painting, etc). This program is for individuals registered with UCF CARD 16+ years of age.

serves as a forum for problem solving around issues of adults with ASD living as adults (whether alone, with roommates’, or under their parents’ roof). Meets near UCF.

KNIGHT PALS* (for UCF student)
is a UCF Student Organization to educate individuals about autism, while providing inclusive programs for students with ASD and other members of the autism population.

TAG*(ages 13-18) Teenage Asperger Group
is designed for adolescents and young adults with ASD to practice social work and self-advocacy skills in a fun and relaxing atmosphere with activities that build on one another. Entries to this group are available each semester. TAG is currently offered in Volusia, Seminole and Orange County. TAG offers community social outings during the semester.

Eight-12 is a social interactive program for individuals, 8-12 years old, with ASD, registered with UCF CARD, to become flexible thinkers, team players, and problem solvers while increasing social interactive skills to communicate effectively with others, establish friendships and work on expressive/receptive language skills to carry on conversations. Group meets every other week for 90 minutes. Currently at UCF location only.

YOUTHPALS* YOUTH PALS (Young Organizers Uniting to Help) – a High School member program for students that desire to befriend individuals with ASD. YOUTH PALS hosts the annual HEARTS FOR AUTISM WALK each February to benefit the clubs events..